Tuesday, April 27, 2010


What am I missing? Phoenix is number two in the world for abduction and Arizona should not try to fix one of the obvious problems.

I have not heard the people of Arizona raise up and scream about their rights being taken.

In our little city of Greensboro....we get stopped from time to time to check licenses....RIGHT...checking my license....sure...how about checking if I am driving drunk or am an escaped felon.

Anyone upset about Arizona should be down out upset about security at airports...right?

What is the difference? Keep my family and me safe and if you step over the line...I'll let you know.

And yes I know I left low hanging fruit for those that want to pick.


Blogger Dr. Mary Johnson said...

Hey don't knock the license check.

Yesterday, I was next-in-the-line-stopped-at a "license check" in far-Eastern NC, when a car down the road in front of me did a U-turn to zip out of the on-coming traffic line and speed off in the other direction.

The HP officer on my side of the road, cocked his head like RoboCop, hopped in his cruiser and took off after the car - leaving me and my license hanging in the breeze.

By the time I passed the now-pulled-over car, they were having a blue-light party.

It was cool. Great entertainment.

May 15, 2010 at 8:56 AM  

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