Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where to invest now?

....was over at Ed Cone's blog and posted the following---


My two cents is to buy at current prices.

My opinion is to buy where the blood is freely flowing in the streets....

BBT, FITB, FCNCA at higher percentages of basket for financials

WB, C for lower percentages of basket for financials

FHM, FRE for fun money of basket for financials

Consider selling/writing options ...perhaps calls that are two months out and two strikes above current...and naked puts that are at your comfort level to take delivery of more stock.

No investment advice offered...simply for fun, but sorta points to what I am doing in small steps.

Good luck,


With the current dividends, the above list and options sold...I believe one can grow wealth. What do others think?

geez...th0ught I was going to give up blogging... < :-) >


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