Monday, September 07, 2009

Easy way to unclog a toilet with hand dishwashing soap

In our local group of bloggers I feel that the following is imperative to share. There are a few that should benefit.

It seems fitting to give directions and point to a blog that has many replies when a toilet is clogged and will not clear with a plunger or wire. Click here for link to other blog.


Wait for toilet to drain down to half full or bucket out water if in a rush.
Turn on hot water in bath or shower.
Pour into toilet 6 to 8 oz of Dawn dishwashing soap into standing water in toilet above center of drain area.
Fill pot, plastic trash can..etc. with a gallon of very hot water and pour directly into center of toilet. (It is better to pour from waist high...but watch out for splashing)
Repeat with more hot water until toilet is pretty full (one to two inches from top)
Wait two hours and plunge again...it should break free and clear.
The toilet should have drained down where the height is not close to over flowing. If it has not, either wait a while longer or bucket out a few inches so that you can plunge without making a huge mess.
Repeat the above if needed. There are clogs that only a professional can clear.

The above assumes that you live in a two bathroom home or can dump the bucket outside or use multiple buckets and can flush later...etc.

The thought is that the Dawn breaks down the grease that is in the clog and lubricates the piping. The hot water adds to the process by softening most clogs.


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Thanks it really worked!!! Yay!

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